Lion Fish Continues to Threaten Dominica’s Marine Life

Picture of Lion fish

Picture of Lion fish

Dominican fishermen are being urged to hunt down the predatory lion fish, which is threatening the marine life of the Caribbean.

President of the DWA – Dominica Water Sports Association, Mr. Simon Walsh, says if the species of fish is not hunted, to eradicate them from our waters, they will wipe out our fish supply.

“Unfortunately we do not have the resources to be out controlling fishing sites or sites where they are coral reefs where we don’t go diving. The most heavily dived dive sites are the ones that have the least lion fish.”

However, as one dives down into the Atlantic, which is rarely visited by divers, due to its unpredictable weather, one will witness an increase population in lion fish.dive

Since the fish was discovered in Dominica, the DWA has embarked on a lion fish project, where dive shop owners would go diving on weekends, to clean out the fish from popular dive sites visited by tourists and locals.

He said, the lion fish project is very important, as the fish produces 30,000 eggs every four days which could easily wipe out dive sites of various species of fish.

Thanks to their continued efforts, divers from all over the world, who visit our dive sites, have been giving positive remarks on the cleanliness of Dominica’s dive sites.

Mr. Walsh noted the success is in cleaning dive sites; however the fishing sites also need to be cleaned as they are heavily populated by lion fish.

For persons who may not know how to safely handle and prepare the lion fish, there are a number of videos available on YouTube.

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