Lions Club Donate Relief to Trough System Victims


President of the Dominica Lions Club, Mr. Oliver St. John

Community service clubs main focus is to give back to the community, and this was exactly what the Lions Club of Dominica displayed, when they donated a number of relief supplies to seven individuals on Friday February 28th 2014.

The recipients of the supplies were victims of the December 24th 2013 trough system, which affected mainly residents in the southern part of the country, as a result of heavy rains causing flooding and landslides.

President of the Dominica Lions Club, Mr. Oliver St. John stated, the Club is mainly involved in humanitarian efforts, which encompass a wide spectrum; however once they are in a position to assist communities, they do so.

Some of the items include but are not limited to mattresses, clothing and grocery items.

Mr. St. John noted, the Club had to follow the appropriate procedures to ensure the right persons were selected for the items.

“If it means we are able to assist somebody going overseas for medical treatment, once we are in the position to do that we do it”, he said, noting that it all depends on the situation at the time.

Recipients are from the communities of Newtown, Citronier, Castle Comfort, Gallion, Giraudel, Bath Estate and Pointe Michel.

This was the second donation of the Club.

The President stated, there might be one more donation in the near future.



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    How do you contact the Lions to be included in this? We lost everything but they have not contacted us…

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