Lious Riviere has topped the Grade Six Assessment Exams


Lious Riviere has topped the Grade Six Assessment Exams

Lious Riviere, student of the Concord Primary School has topped the Grade Six Assessment Exams, which was announced on Monday June 24th by the Ministry of Education.

There was a tie for second place with Kodie Jean Jacques of the Convent Prep and Gianni George of the St. Martin Primary School. However, a second place was not declared.

Kaila-Ann Guiste of the St. Martin Primary School took the fourth place position while Makayla Bedneau of the Salisbury Primary School and Shalian Shaw of the St. Martin School took fifth place position.

This year, 1142 students, 595 boys and 547 girls, wrote the examinations.

Students who obtained the equivalent of two As and tow Bs will be awarded scholarships.

Students who obtain the equivalent of four Bs but less than 18 points were awarded bursaries.

The amount allocated to scholars and bursars for textbooks and stationery is $500.000 and $300 respectively.

The top performing schools are Pioneer Prep, Concord, Convent Prep, Warner Primary, St. Martin Primary, Lighthouse CA, Campbell and Roseau Primary.

The Most Improved Schools are, Roseau Primary, Warner Primary, Delice Primary, Grandbay Primary and DosD, Ane Primary.

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