Little Gem Preparatory School Celebrates Community Workers Day


Little Gem Preparatory School Celebrates Community Workers Day

In an effort to recognize the workers in our community, the Management and staff of the Little Gem Preparatory School hosted a ‘Community Workers Day’ on Friday May 3rd.

Senior teacher at the school, Ms. Georgette Deravairere stated, the event featured students and teachers portraying various careers in the community.

Ms. Deravairere added, this was very important for the students to truly understand the importance of the occupation the various community workers carry out on a daily basis.

She said the children were very excited as they were afforded with the opportunity to role play, which was outside of their regular routine.

The senior teacher also mentioned that this is something they will continue to do in the future.

She added, the school will host a graduation ceremony for the senior students who will move on to a higher level of education.

Ms. Deravairere shared a special message to parents.

The school currently has 42 students enrolled.

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