Local Artist, Aima Moses Collaborates with Jamaican Reggae Artists


Aima Moses

33 year old Kingshill Resident, Aima Moses has taken his music to an International level.

During an exclusive interview with SAT News, Aima informed us that he has performed in several countries including: America, Jamaica and soon, Europe.

Aima has been a professional musician since 2005 and focuses on music genres like Roots and Reggae love songs.

Under a Jamaican label, his first album released was entitled “No Barriers”.

Although Aima is a Dominican, he said he receives tremendous support from his fans, especially those in Jamaica.

He added that people usually approach him on the streets and inspire him to keep up the good work.

When asked what his favorite song was, this is what he had to say;


print screen from “make it one day”, Aima’s music video

Aima’s advice to those who are interested in taking their music internationally is to simply keep true to oneself.

“There is no point singing about untrue actions and experiences”, he said.

Aima’s second album is due next month and will feature 14 -16 songs with well-known artists including Gyptian.

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