Local Artist Hosts Art Exhibition

vlcsnap-2013-04-25-13h31m02s134One local artist invited the public into his artistic mind, as he hosted an art exhibition entitled ‘Language of the Angels.’

The exhibition which took place at the Tao Art Gallery located on Victoria Street, was held on Wednesday April 24th.

Mr. Marvin Fabien,  Dominican artist,   stated the art work was based on metaphorical signs and symbols he created and integrated in his work.

He said the art work which integrates icons and technology, are organized in a manner which a questions is how we human beings interact with these people.

Mr. Fabien also added it highlights the importance placed on these icons.

The Artist noted his love for art began at the tender age of six where he was motivated by his Aunt who would also pay him to draw for her.

From there he went on to Martinique and then Trinidad where he earned a Master’s Degree in Arts.

He said his first art exhibition was held in Martinique, however he hosted exhibitions in Guadeloupe, France and Dominica.

vlcsnap-2013-04-25-13h30m47s238The response in Dominica was different compared to other countries he added.

Mr. Fabien said, he will continue his art work as he takes pleasure in creating his unique pieces.

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