Local Artistes to be Highlighted at Girls’ Night Show

Dane “DaneJahDane” Smalling

Local Artistes will put their best foot forward on Saturday June 30th, at the Krazy Koconuts as this will be the venue for the Girls Night show, which will be headlined by Jamaican Artiste Macka Diamond.

She will be joined by only local artistes such as; Mel C, Lady S, and Anxious, amongst others.

The show will be watched closely via pay per view, by renowned record label Big Ship from Jamaica, who will be scouting for the best local talent to work with.

Promoter and Organizer of the show, Mr. Dane Smalling says, that the night will be a great opportunity to showcase their talent, show they can be recognized for the talent they possess.

The lucky winner of the recording contract will be announced at the end of the show.

Mr. Smalling says that, although the show is entitled Ladies Night, men are allowed to come but only female artistes will perform on stage, hence the reason for “Girls Night”.

He says the idea came about talking with a friend, who pointed out that female artistes in Dominica do not get the spotlight that they deserve, so he sprung into action to organize the show.

The promoter says when he spoke to Macka Diamond about the idea; she was very excited to headline the show and still is, as she always wanted to come to Dominica.

He says that the show will cater to just about everyone, as there will be reggae, dancehall, soca and a taste of techno music.

Mr. Smalling says that for a long time many Jamaican artistes, have shown an interest in working with Dominican artistes and this is a step forward, as Colton T and Aima Moses have been doing.

Mr. Smalling says upcoming artistes must keep focused on the music so they can make a career out of it, if that is what they want to do.

Macka Diamond is known for songs such as; Bun Him, Robbery, Cow Foot, Hula Hoop, and Wine amongst others.

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