Local “Beats” Producer Needs more Support from Public


Canefield Resident Eric Elizee’, Owner of Calie Budz Productions

Canefield Resident Eric Elizee’, Owner of Calie Budz Productions, needs more support from the public in order to take his career to an international level.

Eric does not only produce beats and sounds for local artists across the Island, he also sings and raps.

His interest in music, developing beats, and song writing, developed in 2nd form, when he attended secondary school.

Currently, Mr. Elizee’ is working with a few local artists, to produce albums and mix tapes, however, the support from the public tends to be extremely low.

He believes that with other individuals in the music industry, their talent can make it on the international scene.

Eric reminisced on the first beat he ever made and how the public reacted to it.

He noted that although there may be numerous amount of negativity circulating, those who want to pursue a career in music, once it is your passion, do not give up.

Calie Budz Productions willsoon be producing a few summer beats and the public can look forward to something special for Creole Festival.

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