Local Businesses Benefit from Purchasing & Cost Control Seminar

Participants at the Purchasing & Cost Control Seminar

Participants at the Purchasing & Cost Control Seminar

A number of local businesses will be much better equipped in purchasing and cost control, as some of their employees began a three day programme on Tuesday May 27th 2014 at the Fort Young Hotel.

The ‘Introduction to Purchasing & Cost Control’ programme, is being facilitated by Caribbean Hospitality Consultant, Lisa Beckles.

She noted, the programme is a 6 module workshop aimed at showing businesses and entrepreneurs various ways of procuring items, and the importance of developing control systems to monitor costs, which will in turn increase net profit.

“I have noted and I highlight in this programme that the present very competitive scenario that most businesses are involved in or operate in, it is very difficult to increase your net profit simply by trying to increase revenue or sale units because of competition,” Beckles added.

Beckles said, such workshops have been conducted in her homeland Trinidad & Tobago and in Grenada. They have been very successful with rave reviews from participants and or business owners.

A similar workshop was conducted by her in 2013 at the Garraway Hotel.

The modules are as follows; Right Supplier – my perfect fit, Controlling, Basic Income Statements, Recipe Costing, Labour Cost Control and Cost Reduction Strategies.

Caribbean Hospitality Consultant, Lisa Beckles

Caribbean Hospitality Consultant, Lisa Beckles

By the end of the training programme, participants should:

1.    Understand what the different ways of procuring items are.

2.    Understand the importance of specifications and be able to develop basic ones for their areas.

3.    Develop basic control systems in their operations.

4.    Explain what an income statement is, inclusive of main sections.

5.    Be able to cost standard recipes for the operation.

6.    Be able to develop productivity standards for their Departments

7.    Be able to develop simple cost reduction programmes in their Departments.

Almost 30 persons from businesses such as; The Anchorage Hotel, Fort Young Hotel, Rosalie Bay Resort and Portsmouth Beach Hotel participated in the workshop.

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