Local Businessman UrgesYoung Entrepreneurs to Stay Focused in Business

Mr. Conrad Caesar

Mr. Conrad Caesar

Young business owners are being urged to keep focused in business as this is the only way they can succeed.

This advice came from Scotts Head resident and Owner of Rogers Restaurant and Bar, Mr. Conrad Caesar.

Mr. Caesar says he always wanted to be a business owner and as such he started out selling fried fish, and bakes and accra to the public at the tender age of 12.

Following this path, he later was employed by Orchard’s Restaurant in the 90’s, and in 1992 he opened his business which started out as a small galvanized shack.

He said he started making more food to sell such as cakes, bakes, accra, and fish while he was still employed at Orchard.

Mr. Caesar added that it was a lot of hard work for him before he left to focus solely on his business in 1999.

Roger's Restaurant

Roger’s Restaurant

The business owner says it was in 2001 that he converted the galvanized shack to a block structure in the effort to improve the environment for his customers.

He believes he was born with the talent of cooking as he only did some training on catering, but has never received any professional training in cooking.

Mr. Caesar says although his business is famous for its great tasting fish, it is also popular for its lobster, octopus, and crab backs among other dishes which tickle the taste buds of his customers.

Although he is from the village of Scotts Head, only 10% of the villagers support his business for their personal reasons.

He did point out however that the tourist mainly support as they frequent the area on nature walks and reef diving.

Mr. Caesar highlighted that the journey to where he is now was a very challenging one.

Although to this day he still faces many struggles he will not give up, as he is and never will be a quitter.

Mr. Caesar stated one thing people and aspiring Business owners need to know, is that there will be good times and bad times, so they have to be focused and dedicated to their business through thick and thin to survive.

He went on to say that when he passes on he would like to be remembered for the work he does in the community, as he is an active member of the Scotts Head Village Council.

December 24th 2012 marks the 20th Anniversary of Rogers Restaurant and Bar.

Mr. Caesar is very proud of achieving such a milestone through two decades of difficult times.

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