Local DJ Releases Song Against Pornography


Kernel Stevens also known as Mr. Gwada

Kernel Stevens also known as Mr. Gwada, has released a new song entitled ‘Hollywood,’ which sheds light on the porn epidemic currently faced in Dominica.

In an exclusive interview with SAT News, Mr. Gwada, said the idea for the song came to mind early this year, when a number of pornographic videos of Dominicans were made public.

Mr. Gwada, who is a father, says it is very sad to see our young girls engaged in such explicit acts for publicity.

“I want people to take this song serious and not view it as a song to promote pornography, as all of my songs are geared at uplifting the youth and my country, “the recording artiste stated.

The song is aimed at making the young ladies sit back and ponder on what they are actually doing, so they will make more responsible decisions.

The song, was written and recorded in June of this year and was to be released in October, but with the circulation of a number of new pornographic videos, the release date was pushed forward.

Although skeptical about releasing the song, which may be viewed as controversial, the recording artiste is of the view that this pornographic epidemic cannot be swept under the table, like it does not exist.

Mr. Gwada is urging the legislators to ensure they work on enacting laws, which will deter individuals from spreading these videos and if they do, will be imprisoned or slapped with heavy fines.

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