Local Group to Launch New Music Video


C.H.O.E.B, Local Group

A local group called C.H.O.E.B, has been making strides in the music Industry and is now in the process of launching their new music video on the 4th of July.

The group members, who hail from the Portsmouth Community, are urging the Dominican Community to support their new video.

The song entitled “Couple of Shots” is a summer anthem that portrays how one should have fun with friends, without the abuse of alcohol.

Upon its release, the public will be able to access the video on YouTube.  It will also be played regularly on TEMPO.

Mr. Jeffers said the support from the public from previous videos has been good so far and the group is being recognized for doing positive things.

C.H.O.E.B is currently nominated for the best Caribbean pop R&B music for their last single release entitled “Beautiful” with 2010 QTS winner Asher Thomas.

Their intention as a group is to promote Dominica on their rise to fame, but in order to attain this fame, support is needed.

The groups’ artist and songwriter is urging everyone to support support support.



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