Local Institute to Offer Associate Degree in Computer Science

Dominicans wishing to pursue an Associate Degree in Computer Science will have more opportunities thanks to a local institute.

The Leads Institute which has been around since 2009 is making this possible for all persons who have been requesting this degree in September, 2012.

Director of Leads Institute Mr. David Vital says this is a fully accredited CXC/CAPE Associate Degree in Computer Science which will be available for all Dominican students, to commence in the 2012/2013 academic year in September.

Mr. Vital says that the Leads Institute came up with the idea to offer the Associate Degree as a result of a number of persons calling for the program. Computer Science is the fourth of the CAPE Associate Degrees offered. The others include Business Studies, and Humanities.

The Director pointed out that the Leads Institute is targeting two types of students for this course; the traditional Information Technology student, who wants to further their studies in the field, who in turn will use the qualification as a base for further studies.

The second targeted persons are; the non-traditional students and adult learners who are already in the work force and are seeking to expand and upgrade their qualifications.

The course is being offered as a full time and a part time program.
Mr. Vital added that this degree is marketable outside of Dominica, and all those who do the course will find it easy to be employed in that field.

He mentioned that not only is it an excellent tool in terms of an employment requirement in the job market, but it also provides a solid foundation for students wishing to pursue a full degree in Information Technology or Caribbean studies.

He added that the Leads Institute was established as a response to the demand of students for a program that was affordable, fully accredited, flexible, and highly portable. Their first group of students with associate degrees will be graduating in 2013.

The Leads Institute currently has 20 students enrolled, doing various courses.
Registration for the new school year is currently opened and interested persons can call Mr. Vital on telephone number 276-8548.

Deadline of receipt of applications is August 15th, 2012.

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