Local Producer Launches Label to Promote Local Artistes and Music

Manager of Machine Dominik, Mr. Haniff Gregoire

Manager of Machine Dominik, Mr. Haniff Gregoire

In an effort to further promote Dominica’s musicians and their music, one local producer has taken it upon himself and launched his new record label titled, “Machine Dominik,” the brain child of Krishna “Dada” Lawrence.

Manager of Machine Dominik, Mr. Haniff Gregoire stated, their mission is to produce and promote a brand of music which is unique yet appealing to an international audience, noting there is an urgent need for a form of structure in our local music industry.

“For decades now good quality music has been produced from Dominican artistes yet still we have failed to make a resounding impact in a regional and international market which we all will agree is long overdue.”

According to Mr. Gregoire we must come to realize that in order for our music to grace the shores of foreign countries and make the impact that we all thirst for, we must first develop a formula to package our product in a manner that will entice these foreign audiences.”




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He stated, all artistes signed to Machine Dominik, will have the privilege of working with a professional management team to market and promote their music, build their image and organize bookings for performances.

The label currently boasts of artistes including, the 2013 NCCU Cadence Lypso winner, Cletus “Halibut” Abraham and Derrick “De Hunter” St. Rose.

He said, Dada has fused Boyoun with Soca Music to produce a more familiar sound that can appeal to all audiences called “Boyoun-Soca,” also in an effort to forge collaborations with local and regional artistes.

Two riddims produced by Dada include; The Toxic Riddim and the Madras Riddim which features; Halibut with a song titled “False Hair”, De Hunter, Mr. Gwada also known as Ole Benz and Janet Azzouze, and artistes from Grenada and St. Lucia.

The Radiation Riddim is next to be released under Machine Dominik Records.

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