Lottery Presents Powerball Winner; Claudette Toussiant

Powerball winner Claudette Toussaint

Long time player at the Dominica National Lottery, (DNL), Claudette Toussiant is delighted to be the biggest winner to date of the Powerball Game.

Two years ago, the DNL launched the Powerball game to replace the Original Lotto Game.

Sales and Marketing Representative of DNL, Ken George, says that the Powerball game from its inception has only held 3 winners.

It has been an entire year since a new winner has emerged from the powerball game.
Ms. Claudette Toussaint is a constant player of the game and has won herself $116, 171.00

As of today the DNL has paid out $250,469.00 for the month of July.

Claudette Toussaint, winner of the jackpot, says that from the day the lottery office opened its doors she has been playing.
She is encouraging people to play everyday because there is a prize to be won.

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