Loubiere Reunion Officially Launced

Prime Minister Hon. Roosevelt Skerrit

Prime Minister Hon. Roosevelt Skerrit

The community of Loubiere has launched its first ever reunion, carded for July 24th through to August 4th.

The celbration will begin with a grand exhibition, followed by a church service and several other activities.

Chairman of the Loubiere Reunion Committee, Mr. Ronald Charles, said focus on the youth of the community will also form part of the reunion activities.

 “We’re going to have a development forum on the theme investing in our community, focused on the youth. We want to empower our young people we want to give them a different dimension to life, we want them to see life differently; we want to see that they can do something for themselves and their community.”

A Miss Loubiere pageant, a Heritage exhibition, Gospel festival and an ICT symposium are just some of the activities planned for the 2014 reunion.

The event is expected to attract local ‘loubiere-ans’ as well as Diaspora.



Persons at the event launch

Persons at the event launch

Parliamentary Representative for the Roseau South Constituency, Honourable Ambrose George, agreed that the reunion would bring a level of togetherness to the community.

“There has been a constant call for unity in our country and that call emanates from the fact, we see developing in our communities and our country a certain level of anxiety, which leads to people even losing respect for each other and people not wanting to come together and help each other and to care for each other, to love each other and therefore if that objective can be attained during the celebration of the reunion 2014 in Loubiere, I would say that certainly you would have achieved something very wonderful.”




Persons at the event launch

Persons at the event launch

Meanwhile, the Government of Dominica has pledged fifteen thousand dollars in addition to three thousand, which it had already made available towards the staging of the event.


“The government owned Dominica National Petroleum Company limited has already given you some three thousand dollars, that company is fully owned by the government… so we have already given you three thousand dollars. I want to say to you tonight that in addition to the three thousand dollars the government is making a commitment of fifteen thousand dollars to the committee”, the Prime Minister said.



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According to the Prime Minister, this should serve as a motivator for other cooperate citizens to play their part to ensure Loubiere has one of the best reunions Island-wide.

A reunion song, composed by calpysonian Michael ‘Boople’ Lafleur sand by Eunice ‘Lady Desiree’ Desiree, a female calypsonian from Loubiere was also launched at the ceremony.


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