Love Across the Atlantic


Author of “Love across the Atlantic” Mrs. Gweneth Jules Moorhouse

“Love Across the Atlantic”, a novel written by Mrs. Gweneth Jules Moorhouse, is now available online and in stores including Jay’s Book Store, located in Roseau.

During an exclusive interview with SAT News, Mrs. Moorhouse said the novel was inspired from a young man she fell in love with across the Atlantic and later married.

She added, that she wished he was alive to see her production.

Mrs. Moorhouse explained, that she had a difficult childhood when her father abandoned his family and broke her mother’s heart.  She said her childhood was filled with uncertainty and sadness.

When asked how her husband inspired her to write this novel, she had this to say;

She dedicated an entire chapter called “The Man from Norway” for her late husband.

Although this is Mrs. Moorehouse first book, it is not her first time writing. She wrote for Dominica’s Chronicle and other New Agencies several times.

The most difficult time for her was the publishing segment. She indicated she struggled with the cost of publishing the book.


Love Across the Atlantic now available

Mrs. Moorehouse noted, she would not have done anything differently in regards to the book.

“The only thing I would add if given the chance, is a chapter about my neighbor, Ms. Burton who was extremely good to me”, she stated.

The novel also consist of most of the changes in Dominica.

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