Lyndhurst Funeral Home Celebrates 25th Anniversary


Lyndhurst Funeral Home Celebrates 25th Anniversary

The Lyndhurst Funeral Home celebrated its 25th anniversary on Thursday July 18th

Director of the Lyndhurst Funeral Home Mr. John Jno Baptiste stated, the funeral home standards are comparable to that of the others in the Caribbean.

Notwithstanding its humble beginning it maintained a professional approach to its and did set a standard which was accepted.

However, as local employees gained knowledge and experience in the funeral business, assistance from Lyndhurst Barbados was discontinued.

The first local manager was Mr. Franklyn Bradshaw, followed by Mrs. Josephine Henry- Robinson, Ms. Consetta Joseph, Mr. Atley Vital, Mr. John M Jno Baptiste and at present Mrs. Josephine Dublin-Prince.

john jno baptiste

Mr. John M Jno Baptiste

Lyndhurst Dominica Limited was registered as a company under the Trade name of Lyndhurst Funeral Home on July 18th, 1988 and its operation then was mainly centered on burial.

The funeral Home has conducted several state and official funerals, sea burials and facilitates the cremation of bodies in Barbados, provides affordable locally made coffins and caskets, embalming services and twenty-four hour emergency service.

The Company is still looking forward towards providing a cemetery with a crematorium in Dominica.

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