Magistrate Behanzin condemn state officials who partake in illegal activities


Magistrate Tiyani Behanzin has called on the relevant authorities to pay closer attention to drug-related crimes on the island.


Behanzin, who was at the time addressing a youth discussion at the Calypso House in Bath Estate, said that many young boys are losing their lives at sea because of drugs.


The panel discussion formed part of activities marking Fete La Coudre in the community of Bath Estate.


“The amount of people that are missing in this country is estimated at 65, the last three possibly are under the age of 18. There are serious issues with crack/cocaine, there is a serious loss of life which the country have failed in its commitment to acknowledge. A lot of men are lost at sea. These men are being killed, bodies have sunk in the water – we don’t see them anymore”, said Behanzin.


The magistrate also noted that respect for each other and authority is also diminishing in most of our schools today. According to him, we have seen a growing trend of disrespect in the home, the schools and now the church.


“Today students say what they want in their school uniforms. They disrespect teachers and in most cases throw missiles at the teachers, curse the teachers and if the teachers ask the school to put the students out, their parents come to the school and do the same. Parents actually abuse teachers. It is not surprising that discipline has broken down in the school, the church, the home and the workplace”, said Behanzin.


Recently, we have also seen an increasing trend in Government and non-government employees being convicted of conspiracy for their input in drug-related crimes. Behanzin said that this in itself is a major issue that should be dealt with immediately.


“An added problem I see is that those who work for the state in some cases, they work for themselves, yet they collect big salaries. These kinds of action mean that we have a big problem…” said Behanzin.

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