Mahaut Primary School Receives Computers and School Equipment for Every Child


Mr. Hendricks Ishmael

Once again, Dominica Primary schools continue to benefit from generous donations, as the Mahaut Primary School received a bag containing school supplies for every child, as well as desktops, laptops and printers amounting to $95.000.

This kind gesture came from Mr. Hendricks Ishmael, a Dominican and Mahaut Resident, who saw the need to contribute to a child’s education.

Mr. Ishmael strongly believes it is vital to ensure students have the basic tools needed to improve their learning skills.

He noted that the world is changing drastically and technology is taking over. He said in the past, written neatly or not, assignments could be done by hand.

Now, most schools or almost every school or learning institution across the globe, do not accept hand assignments, hence the reason to ensure that the children are up to date with the newest technologies and inventions.


Mahaut Primary School Students

Parliamentary Representative for the Mahaut Constituency Honorable Rayburn Blackmoore, advised the teachers and the students to make maximum use of the computers and the school supplies.

Mr. Blackmoore stated, Dominicans talk only about the negative things however, they fail to see the positive things the Government does.

He informed SAT News of the Prime Minister’s aim to ensure that every Primary School student is equipped with a laptop.

Principal of the Mahaut Primary School Mrs. Victoria Roberts, could not have been more grateful. Mr. Blackmoore said she has been extremely excited about the donation since she heard about it.

Mr. Roberts told Mr. Ishmael that he has now given the children the tools that they need, to succeed.


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