Mahaut Reunion Awards Ceremony

Hon. Rayburn Blackmoore

From Agriculture to Religion, education to culture, Mahaut held their first annual awards ceremony for person in these respective fields.

The Awards and Recognition Committee of the Mahaut Reunion honored and celebrated the efforts of leaders who contributed to the advancement of their community. Awardees consisted of five individuals namely Cletus Ettienne, Rhona Jno.Baptiste, Annette Bates, Heska Charter and Nathalie Sampson.

Nathalie Sampson says the group devised eight categories of various disciplines and the honorees are celebrated members of their village who have made a tremendous impact over the years.

The honorees were awarded with plaques and certificates of recognition.

Honourable Rayburn Blackmoore, Parliamentary Representative says if granted the opportunity to help someone, we should willingly do so; otherwise our presence on earth is useless.

He also states that we can have the best of roads and physical structures but we may never get to the next level if our general disposition is distorted.

The Parliamentary Representative mentioned that too often we place emphasis on the negatives but if we look within ourselves there is endless positivity.

The Parliamentary Representative presented plaques to deserving awardees.

Some of the awardees were Debbie Jacobs and Mark Henry in Agriculture, Emanuel Luke and Belles Combo in Culture among others.

A computer was also donated to the Mahaut Primary School.


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