Makeup Artist Urging Young Ladies to Educate Themselves

Owner and Chief Executive Officer of Island Beauty Entertainment, Ms. Kimberly Sache Ward

Owner and Chief Executive Officer of Island Beauty Entertainment, Ms. Kimberly Sache Ward, is urging young ladies to educate themselves so they can be better role models in society.

Ms. Ward made the statement while she was recently in Dominica facilitating a makeup workshop, to educate young ladies on how to do makeup properly.

She has been doing makeup for over 4 years now.

Although she went to the Cinema Makeup School in Los Angeles, this did very little for her as she considers herself as self-taught, but went to the school for the purpose of certification.

Ms. Ward who is also a makeup artist on a regional and international level, pointed out that although the other Caribbean countries are faster paced in the makeup industry, Dominica does have a lot of room for growth if steered in the right direction.

She added many times young ladies overdo their makeup, but it should be used as an enhancement to bring out one’s natural beauty and not overshadow it.


She also hosts women empowerment sessions so women can feel good about themselves while working hard to be successful.

The 28 year old owns her own business which has 6 sub companies.

She says anyone can do anything they put their mind to and that is exactly what she did.

Ms. Ward pointed out that young ladies, who want to do makeup properly, should ensure they get the necessary training.

She will be back in Dominica in January 2013 to host workshop and is hoping to see a much larger crowd.

One of the local representatives of Island Beauty Entertainment Ms. Julia Pioche, a freelance makeup artist, says she learned a lot from the workshop, and is looking forward to the next one in January.

Local representative of Island Beauty Entertainment, Ms. Julia Pioche

Ms. Pioche says God helps those who help themselves, and this was why she saw it fit to take part in this workshop to refresh her skills and learn more.

Young ladies who are interested in taking part in the workshop in January can contact Ms. Pioche on 612-6379 for more details.

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