Man Brought to Hospital After Car Catches on Fire

One man was rushed to the Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH), as he was in a frantic state, after witnessing his vehicle being destroyed by fire.

This unfortunate incident occurred in the community of Citronier on Friday March 22nd 2013 at about 9 am.

Eyewitnesses reported that, Toyota, car registration number PG290, was parked on the left hand side of the road in a southerly direction opposite a shop was vacant when it suddenly caught fire.

The owner upon receiving information of the fire, ran to a nearby garage in an attempt to secure a pail of water to extinguish the flames which proved futile.

The Fire Department was called and it took some time to extinguish the blaze of the burning car.

The fire was very intense and as a result completely destroyed the vehicle.

Reports are that the owner of the vehicle who lives at Kingshill was distraught and cried when he looked at what was left of his once operational motor vehicle.

The incident caused a backlog of traffic and attracted a number of curious onlookers.

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