Man Injured in Landslide in Grandbay

Caterpillar buried under part   part of the mountain

Caterpillar buried under part part of the mountain

One man is left nursing injuries at the Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH) after a landslide covered him while working in the Grandbay Area, on Tuesday morning.

36 year old, Mr. Avril Francis of Bagatelle was working with a caterpillar in Mitchum, Grandbay, when part of the mountain above him collapsed.

His caterpillar was covered by the landslide and turned on its side with Mr. Francis inside.

42 year old Mr. Francis Eli, from Grand Coulibri, Grandbay, was one of the first men on the scene.

While in his garden he heard a loud crashing sound and went to look and saw that the mountain had collapsed with the man inside the caterpillar.

Blood stained dirt in caterpillar

Blood stained dirt in caterpillar

Mr. Eli says Mr. Francis normally works in the area alone and he has repeated asked him to not work there alone.

The ambulance was called to the scene and Mr. Francis was transported to the Grandbay Health Center.

Mr. Francis sustained injuries to his head and is in stable condition.

He was transported to be Princess Margaret Hospital for further evaluation.

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