Man sentenced to four years for grievous bodily harm

A thirty-nine (39) year old man from Grandbay man has been sentenced to four years in prison, after a five-man and four-woman jury found him guilty of causing grievous bodily harm to his neighbor.

Eustace Leatham was sentenced on Wednesday at the Roseau High Court by Justice Birnie Stephenson-Brooks, after his trial came to a close last week.

Eustace was charged for stabbing his neighbor in the stomach and several parts of his body, in an incident during the carnival celebrations in 2008.

The 10cm stab wound to his stomach, according to Dr. Carl Munro’s evidence, left Lockhart’s intestines protruding from his stomach.

Munro said that the complainant was bleeding actively upon examination following the incident. Other injuries included a 1cm laceration to his nostril region and a 3cm laceration to his chest.

The complainant testified that he was jumping-up during the carnival festivities when he suddenly turned back and saw the defendant who then began to stab him.

He said that after a struggle he felt weak and moved away from the defendant which ended the fight. Lockhart told the court that he and the defendant had no problems before the incident; however, they were friends but were no longer sociable.

Under cross examination Lockhart said that he was not drunk and had only had one beer.

However, Leatham protested his charge in an unsworn statement claiming that it was he who was beaten by the complainant and another individual for two bottles of rum he had in a bag.

Leatham was represented by Defence Counsel Peter Alleyne.

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