Marcellin Lockhart book launch

Marcellin Lockhart

Young citizens can now look forward to a book that discusses many of the social issues such as unemployment, drug abuse, prostitution, crime and violence as Mr. Marcellin Lockhart officially launched his book titled “After my generation” on Thursday June 28th.

“After my generation” is mainly about the generation after Mr. Lockhart, referred to as the Millennial Generation or commonly called “Generation Y”.

The book helps to confront youths and some of the risk factors that affect young people and the cost to society.

Mr. Lockhart says he did quite a lot of research before he began to write this book. He mentioned that it took him because he wanted to tell a personal story.

Mr. Lockhart went on to say that this is his very first publication and he does not consider himself as a “writer or Author.”

He says the idea came from life experiences as well as what is seen daily.

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