Marigot Carnival Committee to Hold Meeting this Weekend

Ms. Marigot

The Marigot Carnival Committee will hold a meeting this weekend to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of carnival 2013, as well as ways they can improve as a committee to develop next year’s carnival activities.

Public Relations Officer of the Marigot Carnival Committee Mr. Alvin Alexander, says the reason they have taken this approach is to ensure that the energy built in Carnival 2013, will be carried into 2014.

Mr. Alexander noted, it has been their prime concern over the years to keep the carnival efforts in Marigot as a community oriented approach, and by seeking to continue to partner with each other..

The PRO said they will look at different approaches regarding their pageants and the shaping of activities and events held. The committee will use the strengths and weaknesses of 2013 to help analyze how they can move forward.

He informed SAT News that the planning for 2014 has already begun.

Overall, Mr. Alexander concluded on behalf of the Marigot Carnival Committee, that they were pleased with the 2013 Carnival events and activities. He made mention that that the committee has been around for a very long time. However, the younger generation has taken over since 2012.


Marigot Mas Dominik 2013

“They are reenergized, suggests new and exciting ideas, and work extremely hard towards their target”, he added.


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