Marijuana Cultivation on a Decline in Dominica

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One senior police officer has confirmed that marijuana cultivation in Dominica has been significantly declining, as a direct result of aggressive efforts by the police officers to reduce the amount of marijuana grown and sold in Dominica.

Police Public Relations Officer of the Commonwealth of Dominica Police Force, Inspector John Carbon, says that this sends a strong message to the marijuana cultivators that the police will stop at nothing to win the war on drugs.

Inspector Carbon added that an apparent sign of the police making serious dents in the cultivation of marijuana locally is the increase in the importation of the illegal drug from the neighbouring countries.

He said the tables have literally turned. Whereas before Dominican drug dealers have the capacity to export the drug as it was being grown in large quantities, they have now resulted to importing.

Inspector carbon also commented on the increase of cocaine importation in Dominica;

He noted that the Drug Abuse and Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.) program have been stopped as it was funded by the United States government, and they have shifted back the funding of this program to the Governments in the region.

With this switch many Caribbean governments just simply do not have the adequate funding to sustain the program, and that is why it has slipped through the cracks.

Acting Chief of Police Superintendent Daniel Carbon, who is also of the view that there is a decline of marijuana cultivation in Dominica.

He says that under his leadership he hopes that he can get the (D.A.R.E.) program reinstated.

Mr. John Carbon says that this program was very effective as it targeted at students as low as primary schools, where police officers went to the schools and lectured on illegal drugs and how to get away from them and not abuse them.

The cooperation of the public is also very important in fighting this war on drugs, as the police officers cannot do it all alone, but if we all work together in harmony this war can be won.

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