Market Day With A Difference Celebrated In Marigot

Produce On Display At The Marigot Market

In line with activities for the Independence Celebrations 2012 under the theme, “Partnering for Further Progress and Development”, the community of Marigot celebrated Market Day with a difference on Saturday October 20th.

Speaking at a special ceremony for the event, Honourable Ivor Stephenson, Acting Minister for Agriculture and the Environment, says although the main activity at the market is to conduct business, it also provides an opportunity to meet new people and socialize.

Mr. Stephenson said that Market Day with a difference is an ideal way to showcase our culture, national wear, creole food, cor coy language and quality farm produce which we all need to be proud of.

He commended the farmers and those who sell the produce, for the hard work they do day after day to ensuring that we have the produce that we need on a regular basis.

Officials At Market Day With A Difference

Honourable Ambrose George, Minister for Information, Telecommunication and Constituency Empowerment who represented the Prime Minister, commended the villagers as he indicated the North East Region continues to be one of the most productive agricultural sectors in Dominica.

Mr. George said we all have to encourage the export of our agricultural produce, while promoting agro-processing which is steps in the right direction.

He said under the present Government we have seen the introduction of the Agricultural Investment Unit, where farmers have been receiving grant funding in addition to loans at interest free rates.

With these loans farmers have been using the funds to continue the production of agriculture in Dominica.

Parliamentary Representative for the Marigot Constituency Honourable Eddison James pointed out that, unity should be year round in our attitudes and not only a call during Independence Season.

He said for agriculture to be steered in the positive direction we need, the farmers will need production inputs, finance, markets, infrastructure, labour, management and some luck.

Agricultural Produce On Display

Mr. James pointed out that the farmers are disappointed that, there is the need for 18 feeder roads in the village, however not one was constructed, which is hindering their production.

He advised the farmers that they must not give up and try all that they can within their capacity with the resources they have to keep up production for the North East Region.

Mr. James highlighted that a group of persons have begun the process for the revitalization of cocoa production in the community.

He also congratulated all of the persons involved in the fishing and agriculture sector for their contributions they have been making over the years.

Some vendors were given prizes for their hard work and dedication.

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