Martial Arts Academy Aimed at Youth Empowerment

New institutionDominica’s Youth now has a greater chance of being disciplined as from Thursday February 21st, after the official opening of the New Martial Arts Academy located in Goodwill.

Sensie, Black Belt 4th Degree Mr. Shannah Robin, says he is the only Sensie with the title “ranchi” in Dominica at this time. The black belt that he holds, is now white and red.

Mr. Robin is also the instructor of Purple Dragons which has over forty thousand members worldwide including fifty schools. He made mention that he has been teaching Karate for 12 years consistently.

“It was always a dream of my Karate teacher that one of his students will build their own Karate school,” he added.  Mr. Robin said always his to establish his own Karate School took him fourteen years to becomethis a reality.

Mr. Robin noted, to be able to accomplish such a huge goal, took a lot of perseverance, determination and integrity. He informed SAT News that he had to remain humble despite the many obstacles and difficulties he faced in pursuing his dream.

Mr. Robin believes this new institution would not just benefit the participants, but it will continue to benefit them throughout their journey in life.

He says at this point, they are a role model society for the children and this foundation will be an inspiration to the less fortunate. The instructor advised the youth to follow their dreams regardless where they come from or live.

Shanah RobinHe said he too came from a very modest beginning and when the children walk into this Martial Arts Academy, they will be walking into history as well as a building with determination to overcome their life challenges.

Mr. Robin strongly believes that the Academy will create an environment of positivity in the children.

For those interested, Mr. Robin can be contacted on numbers 616-2046 or 245-8902.


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