Martial Arts Academy Progressing Tremdously


Sensie, 4th Degree Black Belt Mr. Shannah Robin

Following the official opening of the New Martial Arts Academy on Thursday February 21st, Sensie, 4th Degree Black Belt Mr. Shannah Robin, presumes that the Academy is progressing tremendously.

Mr. Robin feels as if he has been in his current position for a very long time due to the amount of hard work that was put into his accomplishments.

“I must add that the location is excellent. It is easy access to most individuals and they are extremely enthusiastic about the new place,” He said.

He also says the training as well as the growth has gone from good to great and will only get better.

Mr. Robin fell more in love with the location when he was told about the history of Federation Drive.

He mentioned most people do not know Dominica’s History, and parents should spend some more time educating their children on that subject.

The children as well as participants, are being trained to overcome their challenges, how to say no to drugs and crime, how to build a good character and how to be able to improve their school work at home among many other disciplinary motives.


Sensie, 4th Degree Black Belt Mr. Shannah Robin

He noted, it is not all about him. “If everyone leaves the country, who will build Dominica and move it to the level of satisfactory?” He asked.

For those who want to participate in the activities held at the Martial Arts Academy, here are the procedures.

Mr. Robin says he lives by the experience of the people with more experience for example, his professor Don Jacob.

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