Mas Camp demand an apology from businessman Franky Bellot

Will Kairi FM Radio Station be carrying Mas Camp live again? And what really happened at Harlem Plaza last week Friday?


That’s the question that everyone’ asking.


Well SAT TV sought reviews from business man, Mr Frankie Bellot, Mas Camp Manager, Mr Daryl Bobb and proprietor of Harlem Plaza, Mr Bobby Frederick.


Mr Bellot says the feud stemmed from a previous programme held on Kairi FM Radio Station on Thursday, where Bobb inquired about promoting Mas Camp.


He says Bobb was informed by Kairi’s staff that the programme was for calypsonians who are releasing new songs, and not for promotion of events.


He says a letter was then delivered to Kairi FM on Friday evening, saying that the tickets that were previously given to Kairi FM to carry the event are withdrawn and that permission will not be granted for coverage, as previously arranged.


Later that night, he said his staff was thrown out of the Harlem Plaza, after setting up to cover Mas Camp.


Bellot also added that while the problem was between Kairi FM and Mas Camp, it is still unclear to him as to why his radio station is banned from Harlem Plaza.


According to Bellot, Kairi FM staff was thrown out of the Harlem Plaza again in their attempt to bring coverage of the 2011 National Princess Show.


Meanwhile a press release issued by Mas Camp earlier today states that ‘the management of showdown Mas Camp makes it abundantly clear that last weekend’s calypso season disgrace for which Mr. Bellot bears full and absolute responsibility has nothing to do with political rivalry’.


The release says ‘Mr. Bellot banned a number of showdown Mas Camp calypsos from the airwaves of Kairi FM in the closing months of 2009 and that last week, Kairi FM decided to depart from a longstanding, unwritten understanding and practice that gives showdown Mas Camp performers the privilege of using a few minutes of free airtime on all radio stations to promote its events that those radio stations are allowed to carry live as revenue generating events without having to pay any of that revenue to showdown Mas Camp’.


Mas Camp officials are now saying that due to these circumstances, they advised Kairi FM by letter that permission for its coverage of Mas Camp 2011 was withdrawn with immediate effect.


The release ended by saying that ‘this principled public interest position will be reviewed once we receive from Mr. Bellot,

1. a written apology for his highly offensive and unlawful behavior at Mas Camp on February 18th, 2011;


2. a firm undertaking that Kairi FM will allow free airtime for Mas Camp performers to promote the very event that Mas Camp facilitates Kairi FM to earn revenue from without having to pay one red cent to Mas Camp’.


SAT TV News also spoke to the proprietor of Harlem Plaza, Mr Bobby Frederick who informed us that he has no problems with Kairi FM carrying any events at Harlem Plaza, but would prefer that the two parties iron out their issues, as it relates to Mas Camp.


He believes that the problem should be dealt with professionally since he does not want it to send a negative or bad message to our young people.


Mr Frederick says he has no personal issues with any person or business place as it relates to events being held at the Harlem Plaza.

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