Masiah Launches New Video

Sat TV News 13-09-23.Still007Marvin “Masiah” Jervier has launched another video entitled “They be looking at Em”, on Sunday September 8th.

The video comprises of the people within the village who Masiah socializes with, as well as the individuals he works with in the music industry.

He said, most people usually ask him frequent questions about the people involved in his music industry, therefore, he decided to answer their questions through a music video.

Although Masiah, who is part of the group 365 MMP, released a solo track and video, he said he represented members of the group shown in the video.

Masiah, along with 365 MMP, is expected to perform at the World Creole Music Festival and Creole in the Park.

Their goal however, is to take their music to the international level.

The local artiste believes that the general public, particularly his generation, is responding a lot better to his music.

Although Rap Hip Hop is the group’s main genre, if the opportunity arises to be featured on a different genre of music, they will “grab it,” according to the rapper.

The song can be found on youtube by typing,  MASIAH – THEY BE LOOKIN’ AT ‘EM or follow the link below.



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