Massacre Canefield Primary Schools Celebrates Boys Awareness Week

students of the Massacre Canefield Primary School

On November, Friday 23rd, the Massacre Canefield Primary School held an activity where the fathers and sons came together and demonstrated their wooden built trucks.

Principal of the Massacre Canefield Primary School Mrs. Elizabeth Xavier Dailey, says every year there are different activities and this year, there was a slot in the calendar in the Ministry of Education which was meant for boys awareness week.

Mrs. Dailey stated that they climaxed earlier in the morning with a spelling competition amongst the boys in the different houses.

There were over 60 trucks presented and she says she is extremely pleased with the turnout.

The students were divided where the infants were in one section, the middle school in another and the upper school added.

Principal of the Massacre Canefield Primary School, Mrs. Elizabeth Xavier Daile

She added that although the fathers were the ones invited, the mothers came to give their support also.

Ms. Xavier says on behalf of the staff, this was a great event to get the boys to bond with their fathers.

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