Massacre Primary School’s Principal Commends Rainbow Foundation for Cash Donation


Mrs. Elizabeth Xavier Dailey, Principal of the Massacre Primary School

Mrs. Elizabeth Xavier Dailey, Principal of the Massacre Primary School, has commended the Rainbow Foundation, for its continued contribution to education in Dominica with the award of two more scholarships to the Massacre primary school.

The scholarships were presented on Tuesday July 2nd, to grade three student, Leilani Lesley, and Loic Simon, who will be starting secondary school in September 2013.

Leilani received $300.00 and Loic was given $600.00 for the coverage of books, transportation and other expenses.

Each year, the Rainbow Foundation makes a financial contribution to assist in enhancing the environment of the students who attend the Massacre Primary School.

The Foundation has funded several projects at the school including paving of the school grounds and covering of the steps to the second level of the school building.

The Principal mentioned some of the areas which she believes needs major improvements including the school’s entrance and exit point as well as the playing ground.

The Foundation intends to assist, with the completion of a water trough, the installation of guttering at the front of the School and the feeding program at the school.

Mrs. Dailey urges all parents to become more involved in their children’s education.

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