Massacre Primary to Receive Play Ground from Rotary Club

vlcsnap-2014-05-13-17h07m56s190The Emmanuel Foundation in collaboration with the Rotary Club of Canada & Dominica, on Tuesday May 13th 2014, donated a playground to students of the Canefield/Massacre Primary School.

Dr. Jeffrey Blaize, Assistant Chief Education Officer says partnerships such as this should be continued.

According to Blaize, the focus of the Ministry of Education is to ensure that school environments are child friendly, focusing on the level of comfort and safety that a child experiences at school.

This donation he says is in keeping with the Ministry’s mandate.

“Students learn in various ways. He extra-curricular activities are just as important for student’s learning as the academic work that they have to produce”, he said.

Just a month ago a similar exercise was conducted at the Salibya Primary School.





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