Massacre’s Recognition

It was a day of honor for Massacre Residents as a plaque was unveiled at the Massacre Primary School as well as a library being named after Shaniah Edwards for coming out 1st in the OECS/COURTS reading competition.

In addition, the unveiling of the Checkhall River,the only river in Dominica that is protected by the constitution, also took place  is.

In regards to Shaniah’s great achievement, many parents were present to show their support and gratitude and also, a ceremony was held where Pioneer Primary School joined Massacre Canefield Primary School to celebrate these achievements.

The children did skits, performances, read poems and many more to show their support and one of the Pioneer students, read a poem about World’s River Day perfectly.

Father Frankly Cuffy is making an appeal because we are the ones responsible for the rivers and the environment.

Disaster Management officer Mr. Don Corriette   gave a special message to the public informing them that now that the sign is up, they should not contaminate the river.


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