Maxroy Trading softball cricket competition

Softball Cricket.jpgSoftball Cricket is making a grand return to the Sporting arena in Dominica with the Maxroy Trading Limited League wrapping up with the upcoming knock off finals.


The Softball sport which is a modification of cricket which replaces the cork ball with a win ball suffered a minor set back with the death of Softball Cricket Association President Guiford Toussaint.


In addition, the league had to overcome challenges faced in securing an appropriate venue to host the series of games in the league.


The Softball Cricket season had to be well planned so as to at times contend and others, conform to the Hardball cricket schedule.


Despite these hurdles, the Softball Cricket Association is proud to report its successful return.


The Association has plans of expanding the reach of the Sport to include a Championship League that will put teams island wide head to head.


In addition, there are plans to form a national softball cricket team that will compete at against neighbouring islands in regional competitions.


Circket lovers can look forward to a new branch of the sport as President of the Softball Cricket Association is making way for the establishment of tape ball cricket in Dominica.


The final knock off competition will take place on Sunday 20th May at the Lindo Park Savannah and will decide the winner of the recently revived


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