Mayor Looking at Splitting Loubiere and Pointe Michel Bus Stop to Ease Congestion


Mayor of Roseau, His Worship Cecil Joseph

In an effort to ease congestion on the bus stop, which serves Pointe Michel and Loubiere bus drivers, Mayor of Roseau, His Worship Cecil Joseph, is suggesting that the bus stop be separated.

He noted, since the Loubiere area has less bus drivers, he would leave them where they are currently located, on King George V Street, while the Pointe Michel bus stop would be relocated to Castle Street behind DOMLEC’s office.

He said this issue, although previously discussed with the Traffic Board, needs to be put on the table again, so action can be taken on what he considers to be a good idea to solve an increasing problem.

Mr. Joseph believes it is time that all authorities work together.


Loubiere / Pointe Michel Bus Stop

He is disappointed that this idea, which could have been solved in four weeks, still remains unsolved even after a year has passed.

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