Mayor of Roseau Appraised Hugo Chavez for his Major Contributions

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez (deceased)

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez (deceased)

Mayor of Roseau Mr. Cecil Joseph outlined various contributions that President Hugo Chavez made, not only to the country’s capital but the entire country collectively.

Mr. Joseph stated that although President Chavez has passed, the legacy that he has built over the years will continue. He said the President has not only contributed positively in the lives of people, but has created change also.

President Chavez was a Patriot to the entire Caribbean Nation, he was not only on a quest to develop Dominica but other Caribbean Countries as well, said Mr. Joseph.

Countries such as Dominica, St. Vincent, Antigua, Trinidad and Jamaica were all beside the President, whose goal was to make the Caribbean known.

Mr. Cecil highlighted Chavez’s contributions to Dominica in times of need and disaster.

He made specific mention of the less fortunate people in Venezuela, who respected Chavez, mainly because Chavez fought for them and they will remember their great hero until they die.

Mr. Joseph admired President Chavez because of his strong belief in God. He said that the Western World did not understand the mind set of Hugo Chavez.


Mayor of Roseau Mr. Cecil Joseph

The people of Angola, Libya Egypt, Latin America and South America all feel they have lost a brother and comrade, because of the major contributions and the establishment of ALBA, Mr. Joseph added.

He said the leaders of the Caribbean who did not get the opportunity to know who Mr. Chavez was have missed quite a lot. He made specific mention of Honorable Roosevelt Skerrit, who had the opportunity to feel the warmth and love of the President.

He wishes the relationship between Dominica and Venezuela will continue and create even stronger ties for both the people of Dominica and Venezuela.

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