Mayor of Roseau Says Young People are Going Places in Sports

Major of Roseau, Cecil Joseph

Young people are going places in Sports in Dominica.

This comes from Mayor of Roseau, His Worship Cecil Joseph, at the Independence Athletics meet this week.

He says that nine years ago, the Jamaican athletes who are now on the world stage never thought that they would have gotten there.

He was very disappointed that such a grand event showcasing the good in the young people, that only two media houses were present.

He was ashamed to say that if it were for a negative reason, the rest of the media houses would have been there to display their downfall.

He wanted the media houses to broadcast the great achievements of the youngsters, and he commended SAT TV for being there to capture the moment.

Despite the small number of media personnel present, he encouraged the athletes to continue to do their best and to excel in their sport.

He mentioned the achievements of Cedric Harris in 1996, when he took part in the Olympics that year in the 800m race, and says the young Dominican athletes should look up to him.

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