Mayor Suggest New Idea for Mahaut Bus Drivers Concerns


Mayor of Roseau His Worship, Cecil Joseph

Since the bus stop for Mahaut, Massacre, Goodwill, and Fond Cole among others was relocated to the area in the vicinity of Pizza Palace on June 1st 2012, in an effort to reduce traffic congestion in the City there has been numerous problems.

Bus drivers have been complaining that, there are too many buses in this area, and the more important issue frequently voiced is that, there are some bus drivers who do not follow the line and engage in what they call a ‘Right Away’ system, emptying out the buses of those who follow the law.

“When I last spoke to the Traffic Board it was said that a survey would be done and the results of this survey would draft the way forward. I know when Mr. Carette was there discussions were held with him in regards to the traffic congestion in the City to resolve this problem and within weeks of mentioning this to Mr. Carette a plan was put in place resulting in the new bus terminal for Stock Farm, Mahaut, Fond Cole, Goodwill.”

Mayor of Roseau His Worship Cecil Joseph noted, the issue of the ‘Right Away’ system can be solved by reducing the time spent waiting for passengers.

He noted that he advised the bus drivers, rather than trying to complain, they can beat the ‘Right Away’ drivers by instead of staying half an hour, reduce it to five to ten minutes and their buses will fill along the route.


Mahaut bus driver, Mr. Clayton Timothy

He noted, this would prove to be very successful with a precise time system so if one bus leaves at 9:30am, another would leave at 9:40am and another at 9:50am, and follow that trend so everyone benefits in that system.

“This would also prove a success as they are many persons conducting transactions throughout the day and simply cannot waste time seating on a bus, for example 30 minutes before it leaves to get to his or her destination.”

He said this time system can be organized themselves rather than waiting for the relevant authority to so do.

However, Mahaut bus driver, Mr. Clayton Timothy is of the view this system will not work.


Mahaut Bus Stop

He noted bus drivers will still refuse to wait in line, in addition to the persons who would not want to wait who seem to always be in a hurry, which is the cause of the problem.

“If we could get a way for these buses not to use the bus stop, the problem could possibly be solved, but some passengers will still follow the ‘Right Away’ buses.”

“It does not matter if we wait two minutes, five minutes, ten minutes there will always be some people in a rush, so this time system is of no use.”

He added if the bus stop is used correctly, there would be no problem at all and things would run smoothly.

Another bus driver who chooses to remain anonymous noted, this time system will not resolve the problems they are experiencing.

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