Mayor Wants Roseau Residents to Pay City Taxes


Mayor of Roseau, His Worship, Cecil Joseph

Mayor of Roseau, His Worship, Cecil Joseph, is urging residents of Roseau to ensure that they pay their land and house fees.

The Roseau City Council has been trying to undertake this project for a long time due to residents not complying with payments.

With that said Mr. Joseph says, persons who are in default of the City Council’s payments, should make the necessary arrangements, so the Council can receive the funds owed or else they will be taken to Court.

He said this is not the route favored but it is the way to deal with defaulters following failed negotiations.

The Mayor also said defaulters should save themselves the embarrassment of being taken to Court for this matter and just pay up.

Mr. Joseph expressed his disbelief in mental slavery; he also noted the reasoning for consultation with defaulters before seeking legal action toward acquiring payments

Mr. Joseph says throughout 2013, he desires to see better communication between his office, the Roseau City Council and the residents of Roseau, where all parties involved can voice their concerns.

Mr. Joseph added they will certainly try hosting Town Hall Meetings this year, to understand the concerns of the public, and find ways of moving forward.

He went on to say it is important that public figures dialogue with their constituents, as they are the ones who elected them and as  such should  give them the satisfaction they deserve.

  • phedeline Nicholas

    I live abroad, I would like to pay my taxes, I do not have the physical address in Roseau. Can you furnish me with the address? Thank you

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