Measures in Place to Ensure Authenticity of Geothermal Project

Savarin (1)

Minister of National Security, Honourable Charles Savarin

Minister of National Security, Honourable Charles Savarin, says the citizen of Dominica, can feel confident that all measures for the country’s geothermal project have been taken to ensure its authenticity.

In recent times, residents of the Roseau Valley have criticized the Government for lack of proper consultation on the project, so that they are aware of the effects this project would have on the environment.

However, Mr. Savarin says the Government is going ahead with plans to construct the geothermal plant in Laudat.

They would then seek international investment for the construction of the major plant, which would have the capacity to supply electricity via an underwater cable, to the neighbouring Islands of Martinique and Guadeloupe.

The Roseau Valley residents have raised concerns of land acquisition by the Government, as a significant amount of land would be needed for this project.

They also raised a number of concerns including toxic gases being released in the environment, and water contamination, among others, placing a dark shadow on the project.

Parliamentary Representative for the Roseau Valley Constituency and Minister for Employment, Trade, Industry and Diaspora Affairs, Honourable Colin Mc. Intyre, assured the residents that the Government would not put any one’s life at risk.


Geothermal project in progress

According to Doctor Mc. Intyre, many Caribbean countries are looking closely at Dominica’s Geothermal Project; if successful they will be able to benefit from this energy, while Dominica continues its quest to be the leader in Geothermal Energy in the Caribbean.

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