Meeting Held in Trafalgar on Geothermal Project


Concerned Trafalgar Resident

Many shared their concerns, listened to the advantages and the disadvantages and argued their points at the geothermal meeting held in Trafalgar on Thursday 17th, January 2013.

The activities were funded jointly by the EU, The regional councils of Guadeloupe and Martinique, the French Agency for Environment and the Management of Energy.

Mr. Sam Abraham gave a global perspective of where the drilling is taking place.

One of the residents asked, “What are the risks associated with geothermal energy and what are the ways to prevent these risks.

In response, Mr. Abraham explained that some of the risks may be the gas as well as the instruments used in the process.

He added that the fluids may be one of the main risks also.

sam abraham

Mr. Sam Abraham

Individuals were concerned about the gas used “H2S”, whilst some assumed that it was dangerous.

Mr. Abraham explained that H2S is what you receive from an outflow of any geothermal wave.

Mr. Jeffery Charles, Wotten Waven Resident noted that his major concern is who will be responsible for the monitoring of the project.

Another individual asked whether the project will contaminate the fresh water lakes.

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