Meeting with Centenanrians

Mrs. Annette John-Charles Steadman

The saying “Life is what you make it” was really proven as Chairman of the Mahaut Committee Mrs. Annette John-Charles Steadman made a presentation to centenarian Mr. Henry La Pinard better known as ‘ Madoo’.

Mrs. Steadman has informed us that Mahaut has 5 centenarians and she feels that they need to be honoured.

She went on to say that she is very grateful for the contribution from Belfast Estate and words cannot express her gratitude.

Mrs. Steadman says that she along with the Mahaut Committee feels proud to know that their community consists of 5 centenarians.

Centenarian Mr. Henry La Pinard

The gift baskets that the centenarians received consisted of food, body products, drinks (non alcoholic) along with many more items.

Mrs. Steadman says not most people lives up to 100 and this is the main reason why they should be honored and appreciated.


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