Member of the Castle Comfort Development Committee calls for the Public’s Assistance in Assisting Trough System Victims

Mrs. Natasha Yeeloy Labad

Mrs. Natasha Yeeloy Labad

Mrs. Natasha Yeeloy Labad, member of the Castle Comfort Development Committee is calling on persons to assist them in an initiative, to help those affected by the trough system that took place on Christmas Eve last year.

According to Mrs. Yeeloy Labad the residents of Castle Comfort still have not returned to normalcy following the incident.

“We have identified a number of community risks that were presented to us at a February 6th meeting and one of those being the river.

She says they are also considering that the hurricane season is only 3 months away since there are a number of possible risks that are posed on the community, as it is in a flash flood

Peleau and drinks will be on the menu and persons are being advised to bring along their tools like shovels and pick axes.

Mrs. Yeeloy sends thanks to the Ever Green Hotel, residents of the Castle Comfort Community and everyone who has provided financial support for the movement and invites everyone to come along and help in the cause.


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