Member of the Parry Bellot Enterprises Committee on Productivity Continues the Drive to Make public aware of What Productivity Really Is

Multi-tasking-Crazy-Busy-or-Just-CrazyEvidently, the war on productivity is not going away anytime soon.

Mr. Brian Meade, team member of the Parry Bellot Enterprises Committee on Productivity feels compelled to make the public aware of what productivity really is and how it can help to advance Dominica.

“For somebody who has worked most of my life outside of Dominica and have seen the difference in standards – we’re lacking behind”, he stated.


Mr. Brian Meade, member of the Parry Bellot Enterprises team on Committee

He added that Dominicans must change the ‘laissez faire attitude’ of doing business in order to make way for increased productivity and that if Dominica does not ‘step up to the plate’ we will be left behind.

According to Mr. Meade what the committee is seeking to do is to create a platform for increased productivity in Dominica, describing the initiative as a ‘marathon session,’ noting productivity is an ongoing process.

He blames a lack of proper training for seriously stifling productivity on the Island and as it relates to the agricultural industry, Mr. Meade suggested that we need to seriously look at agriculture as a business.

The committee is expected to host a regional conference in Dominica in the near future.

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