Men Caught For Buggery Charged And Fined





gay.jpgAccording to the facts of the case presented by Police Prosecutor Inspector Claude Weekes, the police received a report that the defendants were seen on the balcony of their cruise ship, fondling each other among other sexual acts.


At 10:15 am an officer from the Criminal Investigation Department (C.I.D), went to the area of the incident where he met the defendants and informed them of the report made against them.


Mr. Hart then said and I quote, “We were naked on our balcony but not having sex,” end quote, while Mr. Mayer then said and I quote, “I was slightly dressed on my balcony, and I don’t know why they would say something so, I not in that,” end quote.


Both defendants were then arrested and transported to the Roseau Police Station.


In mitigation Attorney At Law Bernadette Lambert who represented Mr. Mayer and Mr. Hart pleaded for a non custodial sentence, saying that her clients are very remorseful and regretted their actions of breaking the law of Dominica.


She also added that the men were very impressed with Dominica’s nature and beauty, and had a few cocktails and was under the influence at the time.


Ms. Lambert also pointed out that Mr. Hart is a former police officer, who was on a retirement cruise.

Both defendants apologized openly to the Magistrate for the incident, saying that they are sorry for what happened and didn’t come to disrespect Dominica.


Before sentencing the defendants who both pled guilty to the charge, Magistrate Baptiste said this is an outrage of public morality, and if it was done in their country they would be punished, and deemed the men as rogues and vagabonds.


Ms. Baptiste also added that this charge does not require a fine, since it is an automatic custodial sentence which has a maximum of 3 months if found guilty, but she will use her discretion in this matter.

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