Mens Forum

Caribbean Male Action Network (CARIMAN) in collaboration with the Ministry of Health hosted a men’s forum under the theme ‘improving male health, a key to reducing chronic non communicable diseases (CNCD)’ on February 15th.


President of CARIMAN Dominica chapter incorporated, Mr. Thomas holmes said that the cariman dominica chapter inc is soliciting the cooperation of men and boys to work with the health ministry in addressing issues affecting men.


The men’s forum sought to promote, influence and enhance aspects of the health and well-being of men and boys on the island of dominica especially as it relates to CNCD.


The ministry of health has been actively seeking to create awareness on cncd and held the forum to allow men to discuss the impact of cncd in their life while being further informed on the topic.


Mr. Holmes encouraged men and boys to be responsible for their health as it affects not only themselves but those around them as well.

Cariman is a non-profit organization that was officially registered on February 3rd and aims to create a space for men and boys to discuss issues relating to them.


In addition it aims to collaborate with men, women’s groups and organizations to end gender based violence.

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